Highly Charged Modified Nylon 6,6 Membrane Filters

Highly Charged Modified Nylon 6,6 Membrane Filters, from Global Filter Corporation, are economically priced to easily replace similar Pall and Cuno Nylon filters in applications such as endotoxin removal, high purity water, photoresist chemicals and other applications requiring contaminant removal with a charged membrane. Call us for application help or with system sizing questions? Ask about our sample program.

Dynamic Equipment & Systems was founded in 1985  focusing on the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Food and Beverage, Water and Waste Water, Power Generation and Oil and Gas markets. We have Product Specialists for each of these markets.

Bill Corry Jr., with 25 years experience, focuses on Filtration, premiering the PARKER ADVANCED FILTRATION product line, formerly known as PTI Advanced Filtration, Dominick Hunter, Parker Process Filtration, and Gelman Sciences Micro-filtration. Product offerings include pleated absolute rated membranes, non-membrane, hollow fiber Membranes, nominal and depth filters. We also have a complete line of Stainless Steel, PVDF, PFA and ASME code filter housings to fit any cartridge style.

Dan Ruppert with 33 years experience, focuses on Gardner Denver Regenerative Vacuum Pumps and Regenerative Blowers, Plug and Play Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, and C-Faced Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps formerly named Siemens, Rietschle, and Nash-Elmo. Also offered are Travaini Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump packages, Value Valve Butterfly Valves, Inline Ball Valves, Reliant Electric Rotary and Pneumatic Actuators, Lee Sanitary Ball Valves, and Fibergrate Fiberglass grating.

Tony Birchfield, with 35 years experience, primarily concentrates on Detector Electronics Flame Scanners and Burner Management Systems, now known as Fireye and their self checking Flame Scanners, HESI or High Energy Spark Igniters, Valve Assemblies that compliment these systems such as Double Block and Vent, Double Block and Bleed, Gas Trip Valves and Gas Vent Valves.

With a combined experience of almost 100 years, we can help with most applications!


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